Tigenco Graha Persada is a National Company Specializing in Topographic and Hydro-oceanographic Survey, Cadastral Survey, Sattelite Imagery and GIS, Geotech Investigation, Coal Exploration ,Geology and Engineering Design.

Our Company has completed 700+ Projects since its inception in 1985. We are a well respected company that strives to give the best results to any survey works.

Our Clients include range from Government Institution, Oil and Gas Industry, Mining, Infrastructure, Coal Exploration, Geotech Consultants, Foreign Aid Organizations, Developers, Contractors

Our Services Include:- Topographic Survey, Construction Survey, Boundary Survey, Cadastral Survey, Reconaissance Survey- Bathymetric Sounding-single, dual wave, Wind, Wave, Current Measurments, Float Tracking, Tidal Observation and Prediction, River Survey- Sattelite Imagery Procurement, Aerial Photogrammetry, GIS, Map Digitizing- Geotech Drilling, Geological Drilling, CPT, Pressuremeter Testing, PS-Well logging-crosshole-downhole, Permeability Testing-slug-pecker, Geoelectrical Survey, Resistivity, Geophysical Logging, Geological Mapping and Prospecting- Soil and Rock Index Properties, Strength Test, Density Tets, Soil Lab Services-mobile, Earthworks Supervision and Quality Control- Geotech Engineering, Slope Stability, Grading Design, Bridge Design, Jetty Design, Drainage

Our work culture is doing the job with the best quality and never give up. We have never backed out on any projects and tries to finish the project with the best quality no matter what the circumstance is. To ensure customer satisfaction, we are supported by 40+ staff and numerous field engineer. Our equipment are all property of our company and can be expanded by our associates. Our equipment include:

  • 46 Total Stations, 41 Theodolites,  31 Autolevel, 13 EDM, 14 Geodetic GPS, 7 DGPS Radio Link
  • 47 Handheld GPS, 4 Digital Echosounder Dual Frequency, 6 Current Meter
  • Various Survey Equipment
  • 3D Computer and Software, GIS and CAD Software
  • 15 Rotary Drilling Rig (3 standby Borneo), 29 JACRO Drilling Rig cap 150 – 300 m NQ size
  • CPTu Sounding Equipment, Pressuremeter/LLT
  • Soil Mechanics Laboratory, DCPT, CBR test, Plate Bearing. Sand Cone
  • 4 Storey office and workshop