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Complete Survey Services

Tigenco Graha Persada is a National Company Specializing in Topographic and Hydro-oceanographic Survey, Cadastral Survey, Sattelite Imagery and GIS, Geotech Investigation, Coal Exploration ,Geology and Engineering Design.



Our Company has completed 700+ Projects since its inception in 1985. We are a well respected company that strives to give the best results to any survey works. Our Clients include range from Government Institution, Oil and Gas Industry, Mining, Infrastructure, Coal Exploration, Geotech Consultants, Foreign Aid Organizations, Developers, Contractors



Our work culture is doing the job with the best quality and never give up. We have never backed out on any projects and tries to finish the project with the best quality no matter what the circumstance is. To ensure customer satisfaction, we are supported by 40+ staff and numerous field engineer. Our equipment are all property of our company and can be expanded by our associates

Survey Services

Tigenco Graha Persada (TGP) is an experienced company in the field of survey services. As its oldest branch of service, survey services has always been the backbone of the company. Clients ranging from oil and gas companies, government departments, contractors, science organizations, foreign aid groups, mining and infrastructure. Supported by manpower and an array of equipment, TGP will satisfy your survey needs.

Topographic Survey

Bathymetric and Oceanographic Survey

Staking out and Marking

Cut and Fill

Grading Survey

Soil Investigation

Geotech Recommendations

Soil Mechanics Lab

Quality Control

Geotech Investigation and Quality Control

Starting in 1999, Tigenco’s geotech division has grew enormously. Originally a contractor for exploratory driling, Tigenco is now a major player in soil investigation and geotech engineering. Posessing 1 central soil mechanics laboratory and 4 on site laboratory, 15 rotary drilling rigs and 29 wireline rigs, cone penetration rigs, special test equipments, Tigenco handles numerous projects from simple soil investigations for developers to safety oriented-large scale investigation for Oil Terminals to Coal Mines.

Geospatial Services

Tigenco has been working with government and private sector in the field of GIS, Cartography, Cadastral Survey and Sattelite Imagery. We have worked on thematic maps, official catrographic maps, admiralty charts up to cadastral survey for rural areas. We strive to service the Indonesian people on obtaining their geospatial rights


Cadastral Survey

Cartography and Mapping

Sattelite Imagery

Aerial Photogrammetry

Drone and LIDAR Survey

Geological Mapping

Exploration Drilling

Wireline and Rotary Drilling

Geology and Exploration

Geology and Coal Exploration is the youngest of all branch of Tigenco’s service.  Since 2005 Tigenco has undertaken several major geological survey and coal exploration for various companies, national and multinational. Clients include Essar Energy, Arutmin Indonesia, Indika Energy, Star Energy, Geoservice, Reliance Energy and many other companies. Armed with 29 wireline drilling rigs and 15 rotary drill rigs, we provide services for your energy and geology  needs.

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